How To Run Apps Contests

For non-profits and government agencies

It's a 22 page mini-book by Clay Johnson that will save your organization thousands of dollars. Learn from Clay's experience (and mistakes!) helping non-profits and government agencies. Get the right mindset, the right goals, and the right process to achieve those goals, right from the start. Before you hire a high priced consultant or start developing your program, spend a couple hours reading through this. This will save you time and money.

Buy It Now: $25.

No Consultants Needed

The great lie consultants like me tell people like you is "this is very complicated, and I deserve lots of money to figure it out for you." The truth is, it isn't very complicated. 22 pages is what you need to know. And it's priced at 1/10th of what you'd get charged by an "expert" consultant. Save your money. Spend a couple hours reading this book, and get it done yourself.

Checklist and Schedule

Don't fear. For the task oriented amongst you, this book isn't just high-falutin' conceptual stuff. This book comes with a checklist of what you need to prepare for and a mock schedule of the timing of your contest. If you need to make a plan and execute on it, this book is specific enough for any checklister's wildest dream.

Book + An Hour

My goal is for this book is to get you on your feet and ready to go on your own. But if you need a little more help in the beginning -- or should you need an outside "expert" to come play defense with your boss, I'm happy to do an hour long phone/skype/hangout conversation with your team for further guidance.

Book + 1 Hour: $249.